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Lithium Bromide Pre-Cooled, Air Products ® AP-N LNG Process

Patent Pending

Introducing a very attractive alternative for small to mid-sized FLNGs

- Zero Flammable or Toxic Refrigerant
- Double containment of the Natural Gas in Cryogenic Heat Exchangers
- 100% Utilization of Waste Heat of Gas Turbines
- Maximized LNG Production for GTs Selected, equivalent to C3MR/DMR
- Insensitive to FLNG Motion
- Zero CFC or HFC Refrigerant

MODEC LiBro ® FLNG Information

LiBro ® (Marinized Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller) has been in operation since 2008
LNG Throughput:
- 1.5 mtpa to 2.0 mtpa (flexible)
- Maximized for Gas Turbines Selected
Power Generation:
- Offshore proven Aero-derivative Gas Turbine Generators, N+1 sets
- Intake air cooled to produce the ISO power in tropical environment
Main Refrigeration:
- Air Products ® AP-N LNG Process (Nitrogen Expanders)
- Electric motor driven or Aero-derivative Gas Turbine driven N2 Compressors
- Inert Gas Refrigerant
- Turn down capability for one compressor off case and LiBro off case
- Double containment of the Natural Gas in the Coil Wound Cryogenic Heat Exchangers
- Insensitive to FLNG motion
- Lithium Bromide Absorption Refrigeration energized by Waste Heat
- Sized to utilize 100% of the waste heat of GTs
- Water based refrigerant
- Static system, insensitive to FLNG motion
Feed Gas Treatment:
- Flexible to a wide range of project requirements
Hull and Cargo Containment System:
- Shipbuilding standard hull
- New Built or Conversion
- SPB tanks for LNG
- LPG separation and storage as option
- Condensate storage
Offloading System:
- Side by Side or tandem offloading
Mooring System:
- Internal or External Turret, disconnectable or permanent

Contact for MODEC LiBro ® FLNG

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3-10, Nihonbashi 2-chome Chuo-ku
Tokyo 103-0027 Japan