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Standard 1

Leadership and Commitment


Executive management, managers, staff, and subcontractors understand their HSEQ accountabilities and are responsible for leading and engaging in meeting HSEQ Policy, standards, objectives and goals.

Performance Objectives

Processes are in place to meet the following requirements:

Managers are accountable for the HSEQ performance of the business, the implementation and communication of the HSEQ Policy, and meeting HSEQ performance objectives.
Managers provide adequate and sufficient resources for the effective implementation and operation of health, safety, environmental and quality management systems and the provision of specialist advice.
Managers demonstrate visible leadership and proactive commitment to achieving HSEQ excellence and continual improvement through personal example, by promoting initiatives, and by frequent site inspections and reviews.
Managers include specific and measurable HSEQ activities and results in performance plans and appraisal systems for all staff.
Managers ensure that staff and subcontractors understand that they have the right and responsibility to stop work or refuse to work until conditions are made safe, as well as to bring these conditions to the attention of management.
Managers ensure compliance with laws, regulations, permits and customer requirements relating to HSEQ is maintained across all MODEC's activities.
Managers shall ensure that customer requirements are determined and are met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.