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Standard 11

Occupational Health and Safety


Personnel, including subcontractors where appropriate, are fit to perform their required duties and that appropriate controls are in place to provide protection from the health and safety hazards associated with the companies activities.

Performance Objectives

Processes are in place to meet the following requirements:

Occupational health and safety requirements are identified, documented, communicated, monitored, and complied with on all levels.
Where appropriate, staff and subcontractors undergo assessment to ensure their fitness for work, including drug and alcohol.
Occupational health and safety assessments are conducted for routine and non-routine jobs, tasks, and work environments where there is a known risk of health and safety hazard exposures to staff and subcontractors.
Where there is the risk of health and safety hazards, controls are established and maintained to protect staff and subcontractors from those hazards associated with their activities.
Where the application of controls has not adequately reduced exposure, personal protective equipment requirements are identified and communicated and appropriate training provided.
Properly maintained personal protective equipment, where required, is provided and made available to staff and subcontractors.
Compliance with (and the effectiveness of) personal protective equipment requirements is regularly assessed.
Staff, subcontractors, and visitors have access to adequate medical and first aid services, as appropriate, to the location and nature of the activities.
Work related injuries and illness are recorded, reported, assessed, and reviewed.
A safe and healthy lifestyle is promoted and encouraged.