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Standard 12

Environmental Management


The environmental aspects and impacts from activities and operations are identified with measures taken to ensure they are minimized and adequately managed.

Performance Objectives

Processes are in place to meet the following requirements:

Procedures are in place to identify and determine the significance of environmental aspects and impacts of all operations, projects, goods, equipment and services.
Monitoring programs are established and initiatives developed to manage and improve environmental performance of significant aspects.
Pollution prevention and waste minimization programs are developed, implemented, and maintained to eliminate, reduce, reuse, recycle, treat, or appropriately dispose of waste.
Documentary evidence is maintained to demonstrate that hazardous waste has been managed in a responsible and appropriate manner.
Environmental wastes, discharges, and emissions are identified, monitored and reported, where appropriate, to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
Prior to the selection and use of new chemicals and materials an evaluation is performed to assess and control the potential adverse HSEQ impacts.
Reviews are conducted annually on the Aspects and Impacts Register and the Environmental Hazards Register.