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Standard 13

Documentation and Legal Requirements


All applicable legislation will be identified and complied with, and documentation will be managed through formally controlled processes. Records will be maintained which are accessible and readily available.

Performance Objectives

Processes are in place to meet the following requirements:

HSEQ management system documents, drawings, design data, and other relevant documentation will be identified, controlled and maintained.
Pertinent knowledge and legal documents and records are identified, stored, and retained as necessary. Obsolete documentation is identified and guarded against unintended use.
Critical HSEQ management documentation is identified and its development and implementation assessed against measurable performance standards.
Employee health, medical, and occupational exposure records are maintained with appropriate confidentiality and retained as necessary.
Applicable laws, regulations, permits, codes, standards, practices, and other requirements are identified and monitored with requirements documented within the management system and communicated to the staff and interested parties.