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Standard 3

Organization and Communication


Management ensures an organization is defined; responsibilities are clearly identified, with resources commensurate with implementing the requirements of the HSEQ Policy. Personnel are competent to conduct their assigned activities, training provided, recorded and evaluated to maintain their skills and competencies, with their competencies regularly assessed. HSEQ matters are effectively communicated throughout the organization, and to the customer, when applicable.

Performance Objectives

Processes are in place to meet the following requirements:

HSEQ responsibilities, accountabilities and authorities of staff and subcontractors are identified, defined, documented, maintained, understood, and applied.
Recruitment for staff includes an assessment of HSEQ awareness, competencies, and performance.
Staff and subcontractors are consulted on HSEQ matters and included in related decision making, as appropriate.
Inductions addressing relevant HSEQ objectives, hazards, risks, controls, and behavior are conducted for staff, subcontractors, and visitors.
HSEQ competencies required for all positions are identified, documented, and periodically reviewed.
Systems are in place to identify, prioritize, plan, document, and monitor training needs and performance for staff and subcontractors.
On-the-job behavior observation programs are encouraged to correct at-risk behavior and reinforce positive behavior.
Competence-based training programs and assessments are in place for positions where critical HSEQ tasks/activities have been identified.
HSEQ matters are effectively communicated throughout the organization with relevant information on HSEQ issues being communicated to personnel on a regular basis.
All internal and external complaints related to HSEQ aspects of our operations are recorded, acknowledged, and investigated as incidents.