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Standard 4

Hazards and Effects Management


Hazards are identified and associated risks assessed. The hazards and effects management processes form an integral part of decision making and are documented, with appropriate action taken to manage risks to a level that is tolerable and as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

Performance Objectives

Processes are in place to meet the following requirements:

Hazards and risks are identified, evaluated, prioritized, and controlled by a structured process, including means that address normal and non-routine work activities.
Formal risk assessments are planned and conducted during all phases/activities.
HSEQ critical elements are identified (e.g. equipment, processes, personnel,procedures).
Staff and subcontractors involved in hazard identification, evaluation, control, and formal risk assessments are trained and qualified.
Reporting and documentation requirements of hazard identification, evaluation and control, and formal risk assessment and risk management are defined and executed effectively and in a timely manner.
Risks are communicated to relevant interested parties, as appropriate.
Responsibilities and deadlines for corrective actions are established to ensure timely close-out of risk-related follow-up actions.
The results of hazard identification, evaluation and control, and formal risk assessments are considered in the preparation and review of emergency response plans and procedures.