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Standard 5

Purchasing and Subcontractor Management


The contracting of services and the purchase, hire, or lease of equipment and materials, are carried out in a manner to ensure that HSEQ expectations are aligned so as to maximize company performance and customer satisfaction while minimizing adverse effects on HSEQ.

Performance Objectives

Processes are in place to meet the following requirements:

Suppliers and subcontractors are subject to an HSEQ evaluation and/or reevaluation prior to contractual arrangements being established.
Contracts specifically require subcontractors to implement systems and provide resources to meet the HSEQ policies, objectives, and requirements.
Interfaces with suppliers of services and products are identified and effectively managed.
HSEQ performance of suppliers and subcontractors, and specifically their compliance with the obligations specified in contracts, are monitored and reported.
HSEQ requirements related to services, equipment, materials and qualification of personnel are specified prior to purchase and compliance with these requirements (i.e. HSEQ Project Plans) are verified prior to, during, or upon delivery, including required HSEQ documentation (e.g. operating and maintenance procedures, MSDS's, etc.)
Suppliers and subcontractors provide information on the HSEQ risks, hazards, aspects and impacts associated with their equipment, products, and services.