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Standard 6

Design, Construction and Commissioning


New facilities, and modifications to existing facilities, will be designed, procured, constructed, and commissioned to manage HSEQ risks through the facility life.

Performance Objectives

Processes are in place to meet the following requirements:

Project and facility planning, design, construction and commissioning standards are developed, approved and meet or exceed all regulatory requirements, company standards and customer requirements.
Effective codes, standards, processes and procedures are applied during design and construction to ensure facility integrity throughout life-cycle requirements.
Deviations from design standards are identified, approved and managed with justifications documented and retained.
Potential HSEQ hazards are identified and their associated risks assessed and managed using appropriate tools.
Critical equipment, systems, procedures, and activities are identified and documented and performance standards verified.
Formal design and development review, verification, and validation studies are carried out based on risk assessments, accepted performance standards and customer requirements.
Specific HSEQ requirements and responsibilities for and during project execution are documented in Project HSEQ Plans which are communicated and well understood.
Pre and post start-up process reviews are carried out and documented to ensure that construction or modification is in accordance with design requirements and that all required verification, documentation, and training is complete.
Where applicable, customer property will be controlled and preserved.