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Standard 8

Change Management


Changes in design, operations, procedures, site standards, facilities, equipment, or personnel are evaluated and managed to ensure that HSEQ risks arising from these changes remain at an acceptable level.

Performance Objectives

Processes are in place to meet the following requirements:

The HSEQ risks and impacts of temporary and permanent changes, whether planned or unplanned, are formally assessed, managed, documented, and approved.
Changes associated with project execution, operations, facilities, equipment, procedures, laws, regulations, standards, materials, systems, services, organizations, staff, and subcontractors are identified assessed and managed.
Changes are communicated to all who may be affected, and training is provided as required.
Change Management actions are formally managed, along with the update of documentation, including preparation of 'as built' plans, to appropriately reflect the change.
The original scope and duration of temporary changes are not exceeded without review and approval.