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Standard 9

Incident Notification, Investigation and Reporting


Incidents must be reported in a timely manner and summarized as part of monthly performance reports. Incidents are to be investigated for cause and corrective actions and analyzed for trending patterns at the corporate, site, and operations level. Effective corrective and preventive actions, with a focus on root cause and / or system failures, are taken and lessons shared to reduce future injuries and losses.

Performance Objectives

Processes are in place to meet the following requirements:

Maintained procedures are in place for the timely reporting, investigation, mitigation, and appropriate communication of all HSEQ incidents.
Incident investigations, including identification of root causes and preventive actions, are documented and closed-out.
Incident investigations identify and prioritize corrective and preventive actions, aimed at eliminating or reducing the risk of incidents.
In the event of a major incident, work shall not resume until actions have been taken to reduce the risk of recurrence, and authorization is given at the appropriate level.
Information gathered from incident investigations is analyzed to identify and monitor trends to improve standards, systems, and practices.
Lessons learned are shared across the organization and with other interested parties, as appropriate.
Major incidents are investigated by a multi-function team with participation from appropriate levels of management from outside the project or facility.