(Floating Production Storage and Offloading)


(Floating Storage and Offloading)

FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) and FSO (Floating Storage and Offloading) systems today have become the primary method for many offshore oil and gas producing regions around the world.

An FPSO is a floating production system that receives fluids (crude oil, water and a host of other things) from a subsea reservoir through risers, which then separate fluids into crude oil, natural gas, water and impurities within the topsides production facilities onboard. Crude oil stored in the storage tanks of the FPSO is offloaded onto shuttle tankers to go to market or for further refining onshore.

Most FPSOs/FSOs are ship-shaped and can be secured to the seabed via a variety of mooring systems, the choice of which is determined by the specific environment. They are suitable for a wide range of water depth, environmental conditions and can be designed with the capability of staying on location for continuous operations for 20 years or longer.


Large FPSOs have mainly been based on converting used Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs) in recent years.

On the other hand, specifications of each FPSO need to match the project specific conditions which differ depending on the regions as well as well as the standards defined by the client. Furthermore, because the topsides have become bigger and heavier as a result of increases in required crude oil and gas production capacities, it is expected that there will be a heightened demand for new build FPSO hulls.

In response to these demands from the market, MODEC has developed two types of next generation new built FPSO hulls.

Next Generation New Built FPSO Hulls


In calmer waters, spread mooring is often sufficient. In environments where cyclones or hurricanes occur, disconnectable mooring systems are used so that the vessel can be taken out of the storm's way and replaced when the storm has passed. Over the years, advanced mooring systems as well as advancements in subsea equipment have made FPSO/FSOs useful in deeper and rougher waters.

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