Offshore Wind Power

MODEC is developing projects that will enable it to participate in the offshore wind power generation market in the hope of assisting in efforts to achieve decarbonized societies worldwide.

Offshore wind-power generation systems can be divided into bottom-fixed and floating systems, and greater market growth is anticipated for floating systems, which offer greater potential wind energy because they can be set up further offshore at locations where water depths make it unfeasible to put in bottom-fixed systems. MODEC is thus endeavoring to provide offshore wind-power generation systems that utilize floating/mooring technologies fostered over many long years of oil & gas experience with floating production systems comprising of TLPs, semi submersibles and FPSOs.

Tension leg platforms (TLPs) that can be used with the 10 MW or larger turbines expected to become further larger in future, and semi-submersible platforms and we propose the platform better suited to the maritime conditions at the mooring location and to the wishes of companies and localities. TLPs, using tethers, offer the outstanding stability of floating systems with minimal mooring footprint. The spread mooring used for semi-submersible platforms, on the other hand, is more practical for mooring sites where the seabed geology is not suited for driving in TLP foundation piles.

Both TLP and semi-submersible systems have the same basic floating structure of three columns connected by upper and lower box girders and a wind turbine installed directly on top of one column.

The lower box girders serve as both pontoons and strength members, providing the structure with enough buoyancy that it can undock from the shipbuilding dock after the wind turbine has been installed or can be outfitted with a wind turbine in shallow piers less than 10 m deep. This reduces restrictions on the docks and piers that can be used, meaning that on-site setup expenses are likely to be lower than those for installing a wind turbine on a floating system at sea.

Another feature incorporated into this approach is the ability to install the wind turbine quayside and tow the platform to site for installation. If the turbine needs maintenance, this can be carried out offshore or the platform can be de-installed and towed back at quayside for maintenance of the turbine.

MODEC is looking as soon as possible to realize offshore wind-power generation systems that offer outstanding economy and reliability during both manufacture and operation.

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