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FSO Ta'Kuntah


MODEC owns & operates

FSO Ta'Kuntah

The FSO Ta'Kuntah was installed as part of the Cantarell Field Development in the Gulf of Mexico. The field is located in the Bay of Campeche, offshore Mexico's Yucatan peninsula.

The FSO Ta'Kuntah is a converted ULCC tanker with a SOFEC external turret mooring system, two flexible risers connected in a lazy-S configuration between the turret and a pipeline end manifold (PLEM) on the seabed, and a unique offloading system. The offloading system allows export tankers to moor either in tandem or side-by-side, both individually and simultaneously. The FSO is designed to handle 800,000 BOPD with no allowance for downtime.

The first FSO in the Gulf of Mexico, The FSO Ta'Kuntah, achieved the first oil on August 1998. MODEC owned and operated the FSO for 15 years. The FSO was purchased by the client in September 2013.

Unit Name : FSO Ta'Kuntah
Field Name : Cantarell Field
Country : Mexico - Gulf of Mexico
Water Depth : 75 m (246 ft)
Mooring Type : SOFEC External Turret
Storage Capacity : 2,300,000 bbls
Oil Handling : 800,000 bopd Inlet
New/Conv : Conversion
Client : PEMEX Exploracion y Produccion
Contract : EPCI + Time Charter
Scope of Work : Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Operation & Maintenance
First Oil : August 1998
Charter Period : September 1998 - September 2013
Current Status : Sold