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About a TLP

TLPs (Tension Leg Platform) are bottom moored structures connected to the seabed with steel pipes called "Tendons", and keptmoored by the tension created by forced buoyancy. TLPs are well-suited for deep-water development and severe oceanic conditions, and are known for permitting very little vertical motion which allows for the use of surface well trees.

TLPs have been key to deepwater oil and gas production development since the mid-1980s. Currently, approximately 25 TLPs are in operation in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, offshore Indonesia and West Africa.

TLPs can be used as "stand alone full processing" platforms or simple "well head" platforms with processing undertaken at another facility such as an FPSO. In either case the TLP can be provided with drilling and/or workover capability.

Advantages of TLPs are:

  • Applicable for deepwater development
  • Applicable for harsh environment
  • Can be used also as well head platform

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