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Self Stable Integrated Plaftorm (SSIP)

The MODEC Self Stable Integrated Platform (SSIP) TLP is the ideal solution for deepwater oil and gas developments.

The SSIP has an inherently stable platform that allows for quayside integration and commissioning of the topsides, as well as greater stability during transportation and installation. The design offers superior in-situ performance, design flexibility, fabrication simplicity and ease of installation when compared with other TLP designs. The open well bay(s) arrangement enhances well bay safety, increases the flexibility for the well arrangement, accommodates a large number of wells and allows drilling from any slot or a designated "drill center."

This low-cost, highly-efficient platform easily accommodates both surface and subsea wells in all environments.

The hull design consists of stiffened flat planes and simple connections resulting in improved constructability. In addition, the fifth generation SSIP design provides for quayside integration of topsides and commissioning providing opportunities for a shorter offshore schedule.

Clients can benefit by considerable savings in offshore installation costs and schedule, due to elimination of supplemental stability modules and crane support, and because a wider range of installation vessels are available to use.

The MODEC SSIP TLP received a Spotlight on New Technology award at OTC.07. The Oveng TLP and the Okume/Ebano TLP are the first applications of the MOSES SSIP technology and were installed offshore Equatorial Guinea in April 2006. In addition, the Oveng TLP is the first TLP in West Africa to use tender-assisted drilling.

The MOSES SSIP design is a result of a continued working relationship between MODEC and WorleyParsons Sea.

The Oveng TLP in tender-assisted drilling mode