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HSEQ Standards

HSEQ Expectations and Performance Objectives

Addressing the full set of HSEQ Expectations and Performance Objectives is mandatory for every activity across the entire MODEC organization. The relevance, application and degree of implementation within a particular Business Unit will be a function of:

  • The operational risk
  • Local and national regulatory requirements
  • HSEQ management programs

Managers are accountable for putting in place appropriate documented systems and processes for each Performance Objective, for ensuring continuing progress towards MODEC HSEQ goals and targets, and for confirming that these processes are effective.

The content, format and terminology of HSEQ management and audit systems at the Business Unit or specific sites are a matter of local choice, provided these:

  • Are compatible with the MODEC Audits
  • Are appropriate to operational risks
  • Are relevant to regulatory and voluntary codes subscribed to by MODEC
  • Can be referenced back to all relevant Expectations set out in this HSEQ Management system Framework

At the same time, we encourage standardization of programs, work processes, and procedures across similar operations and Business Units, and the transfer, sharing and adoption of efficient and cost-effective good practices.