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Mid-Term Business Plan

Mid-term Business Plan 2017

In May 2015, MODEC group announced its Mid-term Business Plan 2017 which is a three-year business strategy starting from FY2015.

Despite the current weakness in the floating production systems market, capital spending is expected to return for new field developments in a mid- to long-term, while projects going to deeper waters and project sizes getting larger.

A key item to be addressed in this Mid-term Business Plan 2017 is the enhancement of ASSET INTEGRITY*.

* Asset Integrity is:

To design and construct a facility which can produce oil and gas stably and efficiently in a long period as required by clients, and

To maintain the productivity and condition of the facility in order to provide expected services through O&M and Asset Management.

To pursue higher customer satisfaction, we will focus on the following items:

  • ASSET INTEGRITY enhancement: Provision of facilities and production services required for long term and stable oil and gas production
  • Strengthening competitiveness: Provision of FEED, EPCI and production services with competitive price and quality
  • Execution of R&D: New technology, innovative production facility

As quantitative goals, we aim to achieve

Revenue of USD 3,500 million, Net Profit of USD 100 million, and ROE 10%

at the end of FY2017.