MODEC is the only company headquatered in Japan that provides a total service to ensure the safe and continuous operation of floating offshore oil and gas production facilities.
MODEC has been a leader in the global offshore oil and gas industry for more than half a century, handling even the most challenging offshore development projects.


Pursuit of Lifecycle Value

Throughout the entire period from design to construction to facilities operation, MODEC is focused on the maximization of lifecycle value, which is part of the value we provide to our customers.

Supply Chain

MODEC Supply Chain is a global organization with more than 200 professionals aim to source, procure and deliver best equipment, materials and services to our assets across the globe, performing our activity environmentally and socially responsible.


Mooring System

Mooring system technology is an important technical component, which holds the floating offshore facilities in place against the forces of waves, wind, currents and tides.

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Building on our experience in the design, construction and operation of floating production systems, MODEC conducts research and development of new offshore services with the aim of bringing them to commercialization in the near future.


Digital & Analytics

Since 2016, MODEC has been promoting the digitalization of services of floating production systems as one of our important strategies. Each of our FPSOs/FSOs is equipped with more than 10,000 sensors. By promoting data analysis including various management and business applications using artificial intelligence, and digitalization for total optimization through the use of IoT, it will become possible to integrate the multiple FPSOs/FSOs that MODEC operates and to make their operations safer and more efficient.

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Our Strengths

As a leading company in the FPSO industry for more than half a century, MODEC has significant competitive advantages to undertake complex and challenging offshore oil and gas development projects globally.

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