Accountability to Stakeholders

General principle

The MODEC Group understands that a sustainable and continuous business contributes to stakeholders and creation of a better society. Based on this understanding, we conduct responsible business activities in line with its “Code of Business Conduct and Ethics”.

Together with customers and business partners
Customers and business partners are required to consider the impact on the environment and society, and we understand that meeting these needs is important for the sustainable development of the company.
We strive to improve the efficiency of products and services for building a better society by improving communication with customers and business partners.
Together with shareholders and investors
To enhance better relationships with shareholders and investors, we strive to ensure timely and appropriate information disclosure. Our senior managements explain our business policies and specific visions by themselves to ensure highly transparent management.
In addition, we upload IR (Investor Relationships) materials, such as financial results and the mid-term business plan on our website in a timely and appropriate manner to pursue more highly transparent information disclosure.
Together with local communities
We treasure communications with local communities and we are aiming to build sustainable societies through cooperation with them. Our local staff participates in local activities, and supports welfare organizations and educational institutions.