Floating Production Systems

Production systems used for offshore oil and gas production are broadly classified into fixed platforms and floating platforms, based on the form of the platform.

A fixed platform is a type of a platform that is fixed to the seabed. In addition to the production system itself, it is necessary to construct infrastructure such as submarine pipelines, onshore storage tanks and port loading facilities.
On the other hand, floating platforms have the advantage of requiring no infrastructure and less work offshore, so that the construction period leading up to oil extraction is shorter and therefore they are more economical than fixed platforms. Also, by applying advanced mooring technology, floating platforms can operate in water too deep for fixed platforms to be installed.

In recent years, the development of offshore oil and gas fields has expanded to deep water and ultra-deep water areas, and the number of operating floating offshore oil and gas production systems and the number of orders for such systems are increasing. MODEC has focused on the development of FPSOs, FSOs, TLPs and production Semi-submersibles.

The main floating production systems that we build, lease, and operate