Production Semi-submersible

Production Semi-submersible platforms are ideal facilities for producing oil and gas satellite wells in deep and ultra deep water depths supporting large topsides and large number of Steel Catenary Risers (SCRs).

Designed to operate as a riser hub, a Production Semi operates at a constant "deep" draft and taut mooring system for riser friendly motions under fatigue environments and hurricane/cyclonic conditions.

MODEC Corporate Movie - Semi-Submersible (07:13)

TLP vs. Production Semi Submersible

Dry Trees

  • Single drill center
  • Lower OPEX and life cycle costs
  • Simpler well hardware
  • Minimize well intervention cost and downtime
  • Less flow assurance risk
  • Higher recovery
  • Strict motion requirements

Wet Trees

  • Multi drill centers
  • Higher OPEX
  • Maximize development plan flexibility
  • Capability for wide range of hull types
  • May encounter more complex flow assurance issues
  • Requires seafloor intervention, vessel availability