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Mid-Term Business Plan

Mid-term Business Plan 2020

In February 2018, MODEC group announced its Mid-term Business Plan 2020, which is a three-year business strategy starting from FY2018.

The global energy demand is likely to grow until 2040, where oil demand moves steadily while gas demand gains strong momentum. We believe there are big opportunities of gas-related business in the coming years.

In Mid-term Business Plan 2020, we will target to maximize the Lifecycle value through enhancing Asset Integrity and investing actively in FPSO Digitalization in order to strengthen our current main business.

In addition, we will move forward to pioneering new business areas, especially in the gas-related market. Investment in technology development for future business will also continue.

2020中期経営計画 - 戦略


    The value which MODEC provides with stakeholders, i.e., community, customer, partner and our shareholders through the whole life of FPSO from design to operation.

As quantitative goals, we aim to achieve:


  • Revenue of USD 4,000 MM
  • Net Profit of USD 200 MM
  • ROE 12%

at the end of FY2020.

Mid-term Business Plan 2020 Presentation

February 7, 2018

 (PDF 4,155KB)