MODEC received a Company of the Year Award in Brazil

Houston, May 16, 2006

MODEC Servicos de Petroleo do Brasil Ltda, a subsidiary of MODEC International LLC, received a Company of the Year Award (7th Re[ha]bilita Rio Award) for their participation in the Projeto Dias + Felizes (Happy Days Project) and for their other contributions.

The Projeto Dias + Felizes (Happy Days Project) is a social welfare activity to donate toys and food to the Movimento Re[ha]bilita Rio (Rehabilitate Rio Movement) children's Christmas. MODEC collected donations from all over Brazil and succeeded in working with our business partners to present toys to children for Christmas in 2005.

MODEC also sponsored COR, Centro de Orientação e Reabilitação (Orientation and Rehabilitation Center) to purchase new equipments and to hire Judo and Computer Science teachers. Founded in 1987, COR is a social assistance beneficial institution dedicated to capacitating, rehabilitating and promoting the social welfare of children and adolescents who are mentally challenged.

The award ceremony was held on April 19, 2006 in Rio de Janeiro. The Award was presented to MODEC from the Sociedada Beneficente de Anchieta, the Associacão de Assistência a Criança Surda (for aurally-challenged children) and the Centro de Orientação e Reabilitação. The award ceremony was surrounded by affection from the children who presented dancing, music and theater performances.

"We are very honored to have received this award," said Shashank Karve, President & CEO of MODEC International LLC. "We would like to continue our participation and contributions to social welfare activities in Brazil."

Award Ceremony
Award Ceremony