Brazil Pay Equality and Transparency Report

Apr. 1, 2024

Reinforcing our commitment to transparency and in compliance with Law No. 14,611/2023, known as the Brazilian Equal Pay Law, and the Brazilian Ministry of Labor’s Ordinance No. 3,714 to Decree No.11,795 of 2023, we publish the salary equality reports of MODEC Serviços de Petróleo do Brasil Ltda offices with more than 100 employees: Rio de Janeiro, Santos and Macaé (including the office, base and all offshore units).

MODEC emphasizes that the documents were prepared directly by the Ministry with data from 2022 and the methodology used may not reflect the most recent dynamics of the company.

MODEC promotes diversity and inclusion initiatives in the job market and reinforces that the topic is part of the company's business strategy through the Mid-term Business Plan 2024-2026.