Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability Policy

The MODEC Group respects the importance of the physical and social environment, and aims to fulfill our mission by contributing to sustainable development through our business activities. As a company that is a member of society, we will contribute to the development of a sustainable future through the following initiatives:

  1. 1Products, Service and Solutions
    In cooperation with our customers and business partners, we are aiming for sustainable environmental protection and social development through the development of our services and products.
  2. 2Access to Energy
    We work toward the realization of a society where everyone can access energy safely and sustainably.
  3. 3Sustainable Production
    We work toward passing on our natural resources to next generations.
  4. 4Environment
    Aiming to realize a sustainable society and to contribute to solve global issues such as climate change, we comply with environment-related laws and regulations that apply in all countries and regions where we conduct business. We will work to resolve environmental issues and create new environmental value through our business activities.
  5. 5Supply Chain
    We care about the impact of our business activities on the environment and society, and we will promote responsible material procurement together with our suppliers.
  6. 6Respect for Human Rights
    We support global standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and respect the protection of universal human rights. We also respect our stakeholders’ human rights, including suppliers and local communities, and contribute to reduce their human rights risks in our business activities.
  7. 7Human Resources, Safety and Health
    We foster a corporate culture designed to maximize the expertise and abilities of every employee and respect each other. We are working to ensure health and safety so that each employee can make full use of their abilities.
  8. 8Multi-Stakeholder Cooperation
    We work with international organizations, governments, industry, civil society, employees, investors, NGOs/NPOs, and specialists to aim for a better society.

Sustainability Promotion Framework

To plan and promote activities related to sustainability issues as the MODEC Group and manage and assess these efforts, the MODEC Group established Sustainability Committee under Management Board.

  • Chairperson: Executive Vice President
  • Main Committee Member: Heads of major entities in addition to an Executive Vice President and executive officers who are in charge of Corporate Planning and Human Resources.
  • The Committee reports and makes recommendations to Management Board twice a year. In addition, the Committee may also give reports to Board of Directors as appropriate.


"Materiality" is the important sustainability challenges that MODEC Group must address.

MODEC's Materiality
Solutions for Social Issues
Energy supply

Stable and Sustainable Supply of Energy

  • Contribute to a stable and sustainable energy supply by ensuring reliable operations and continuous improvement of our facilities’ asset integrity with lifecycle value maximization
SDG 07
Climate Change

Climate Change Mitigation

  • Minimize GHG and other emissions across our business operations and supply chain and develop clean energy solutions to achieve global goals
SDG 07 SDG 13
Value Creation
Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

  • Execute projects and operations in a safe and responsible manner, that assures the preservation of our environment, quality of our products/services, and compliance with applicable requirements
SDG 08 SDG 14

New Value Creation through Innovation

  • Deliver and operate innovative and digitally-enabled solutions, responding to evolutionary changes in energy landscape
SDG 07 SDG 13
Reinforcement of Business Foundations
Integrity, Transparency

Organization with Integrity and Transparency

  • Conduct business with a focus on strong internal governance and implementation of robust risk management systems that secure business transparency and promote shareholder values
  • Follow best practices and requiring strict adherence to our Compliance and Ethics programs
SDG 08
Workplace, Employee

Secure and Inspiring Workplace Embracing Diverse and Talented Teams

  • Respect the rights and dignity of all people, cultivate diverse and talented teams, and support the protection of universal human rights
  • Promote the well-being of the workforce by ensuring all individuals have the right to health, safety, security, and training so that all can take pride and perform at their best
SDG 05 SDG 08

Methodology to identify Materiality

The MODEC Group identified our materiality through a series of discussions among our management teams, based on suggestions from internal discussions, business partner hearing and those with outside experts.

Methodology to identify Materiality
Materiality Matrix