Prince TLP

  • TLP
  • New-build
  • 454 m
  • EPCI
Prince TLP

The first MODEC TLP is installed in El Paso's Prince field in the Gulf of Mexico in 454m (1,490 ft) water depth. Completed in less than 16 months, the Prince TLP is producing 50,000 barrels of oil per day.

The TLP is a small multi-purpose tension leg platform in 1,490 ft of water. The TLP hull has a displacement of 14,437 short tons and is moored to the seabed by eight-24 inch diameter tendons. The Prince deck is a three level deck and has a structural weight of 1,700 short tons and is equipped for full processing of 50,000 barrels of oil per day and 80 mm scfd gas. The topside payload is 4,400 short tons.

Well completion operations use a conventional Nabors Offshore Super Sundowner, 1,000 HP modular platform completion rig. Gas produced from the facility is exported via a 12" line to the El Paso Energy Partner's South Timbalier Block 292 platform located approximately 14.2 mi. north/northwest of Prince. At this point, the gas enters the Manta Ray Offshore Gas Pipeline System. Oil is exported via a new 8.8 mi. long, 12" oil line connecting with the Poseidon's 16" Pipeline at a location in Ewing Bank Block 873. The facility is also the host for future sub sea development opportunities.

Unit Name
Prince TLP
Prince field
USA - Gulf of Mexico
Water Depth
454 m (1,490 ft)
Oil Production
50,000 bopd
Gas Production
80 mmscfd
El Paso Energy Partners
Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation
First Oil
September 2001
Current Status