Conversion FLNG Concept

Extensive benchmarking data, knowledge and lessons learned that MODEC has been gaining by conversion projects of FPSOs and FSOs for offshore oil production, are applicable to the Conversion FLNG Concept.

Key features

  • A wide range of design options are available for the Conversion FLNG Concept:
    • LNG containment systems: Moss, Type B or Type C LNG Tanks
    • Donor vessels: Bulk currier, Oil tanker or LNG carrier
  • Availability of existing bulk carriers
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Early Delivery

ABS grants AiP for the MODEC Conversion FLNG Concept

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) has given MODEC Approval in Principle (AiP) for the MODEC Conversion FLNG Concept.

Design Condition

  • Candidate Vessel; Double hull bulk carrier (200,000 to 300,000DWT)
  • Multiple Cargo Holds for LNG Storage (SPB tanks)
  • In addition some Cargo Holds can be dedicated to Condensate and/or LPG Storage
  • Wing Tanks are to be Slop tank and Pipe trunk
  • New Deck Plate and Longitudinals will be provided at Hatch openings and Cross Deck
  • MODEC LiBro® pre-cooling technology adopted

Specification of the MODEC Conversion FLNG Concept

  L-Size M-Size
Liquefaction Technology Air Products® AP-N LNG Process + MODEC LiBro®
LNG Production Capacity 2.0 MTPA 1.6 MTPA
Refrigerant Compressor Driver Gas Turbine (PGT25+G4) Motor
LNG Storage Capacity 160,000 m3
LNG Offloading Side-by-Side or Tandem
Condensate Storage Capacity 20,000 m3
Condensate Offloading Tandem with Conventional Floating Hose String(s)
Hull Size 300mL x 50mW
  • *LiBro is a trademark of MODEC, Inc.