The "MODEC NOAH™" is MODEC's own new hull design for FPSOs, and it was developed with the aim of achieving MODEC's top priority of maximizing the lifecycle value that each FPSO can provide to clients and other stakeholders through their whole lifetime, more than 20 years from the start until the end of operations.

Key features of the MODEC NOAH™

  1. (1)Adaptable to a wide range of shipyards around the world;
  2. (2)Large deck area to cope with the trend toward larger, heavier and more complex topsides;
  3. (3)Modular design concept, to accommodate a large variety of requirements for various FPSO projects, including various mooring configurations;
  4. (4)Standardization of fore/aft modules and the parallel-body module with adjustable lengths which can be separately constructed at different shipyards, thus significantly expanding the options for construction locations, as well as scheduling flexibility based on dock availability;
  5. (5)Strategic unique hull form consisting of flat or 2-dimensional bending plates, which can reduce construction costs while maintaining seakeeping properties and minimizing green water and slamming loads impact;
  6. (6)Adoption of a unique design of the hull which enables a machinery room volume, beneficial changes for the functionality of the piping, and an improvement in safety of the living quarters;
  7. (7)Adoption of a hull form that allows the storage tanks to be continuously inspected during stable ongoing operations by providing sufficient inspection accesses;
  8. (8)Work efficient layout for adequate maintenance activities required in the long-term operations; and
  9. (9)More comfortable living area for crewmembers that takes into account their working environment and living environment.

MODEC received Approval in Principle (AiP) for the design of "MODEC NOAH" from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) in March 2019, as well as from the Bureau Veritas (BV) and the DNV GL in May 2019.