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FSO Nanhai Sheng Kai



FSO Nanhai Sheng Kai

The FSO Nan Hai Sheng Kai is the first disconnectable type FSO designed and constructed by MODEC. The FSO is located on the Lufeng 13-1 field in the typhoon alley offshore China.

The 121,361 dwt tanker was purchased and supplied by JHN. SOFEC disconnectable internal turret mooring system was chosen so that vessel can evacuate if a typhoon were to develop in the area.

Unit Name : FSO Nanhai Sheng Kai
Field Name : Lufeng 13-1 Field
Country : China
Water Depth : 141 m (462 ft)
Mooring Type : SOFEC Disconnectable Internal Turret
Storage Capacity : 880,000 bbls
Oil Handling : 25,000 bopd Inlet
New/Conv : Conversion
Client : JHN Oil Operating Company
Contract : EPCI
Scope of Work : Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation
First Oil : October 1993
Current Status : Delivered