Tchatamba A MOPU

  • MOPU
  • Conversion
  • 55 m
  • EPCI
  • Lease
Tchatamba A MOPU

The Tchatamba Marine-1 field is located in 55 meters (179 ft) of water approximately 100 miles southwest of Port Gentil in the Gulf of Guinea.

MODEC purchased the trading tanker Anitra and converted it into the FSO Madiela with a spread mooring system and tandem offloading equipment. MODEC also purchased a jackup drilling rig and converted it into MOPU Tchatamba-A. Stabilized oil was conveyed from the MOPU to the FSO via a 1.5 km flowline also provided by MODEC.

MODEC executed the project management for this integrated FSO / MOPU system in 11 months.

MODEC owned both units.The FSO Madiela was decommissioned in January 2003. The MOPU was purchased by the client in April 2004.

Unit Name
Tchatamba A MOPU
Tchatamba Marine-1 field
Water Depth
55 m (179 ft)
Gas Production
5 mmscfd
Water Production
15,000 bwpd
Marathon Petroleum Gabon LDC
EPCI + Bare Boat Charter (Ownership was transferred to the client)
Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation
First Oil
January 1998
Current Status