Behind the Power & Water Concepts

Looking to our future MODEC realized that:

  • Over a billion people do not have access to clean Water and one-third of the world does not have access to Electricity.
  • 50% of the world population lives near an Ocean.
  • The global production capacity of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is estimated to increase by 50% in the next 5 years and, of the current fuels, Natural Gas is the cleanest source of Power.

MODEC currently produces on its floating production facilities:

  • Over 1500 MW of power through Gas Turbine, Steam, and Reciprocating Engine based power plants; and
  • Over 86 million gallons (328,000 m3) of industrial-grade and potable drinking water (to WHO standards).

Therefore, utilizing our extensive experience in designing, building, owning and operating Floating Offshore Systems including FPSOs, FLNG and FSRUs, MODEC decided to invest in R&D and determine if we could provide clean Power & Water faster, cheaper and more efficiently than conventional solutions.

MODEC started, as many companies do, with a brainstorming session with a wide array of engineers and market analysts to determine who might need such a solution, what would be deemed commercially competitive, and what the solution might look like.

Based on this initial information we developed basic concepts which we sense-checked with the market. We quickly realized that while we had extensive experience with specific generators and water treatment solutions, there was a demand for a variety of capacities that could not be covered with a "one size fits all" approach. So, MODEC funded an "R&D" effort over the last year to study different power generators, LNG containment systems, regasification, hull forms, electric transmission, and water treatment systems, which resulted in the development of a series of related concepts, namely:

  • FSRWP® (Floating Storage, Regasification, Water and Power)
  • FSR-Power® (Floating, Storage, Regasification and Power)
  • FSR-Water® (Floating, Storage, Regasification and Water)
  • *FSRWP, FSR-Power and FSR-Water are registered trademarks of MODEC, Inc.