The Power Generators

Looking at the various technologies MODEC currently operates and the mission of producing clean Power with the highest thermal efficiency and lowest carbon foot-print, we initially developed the Power solution using a 30 MW Aero-derivative generator which we developed with a major USA supplier in 2008 (see Table 1 for efficiency comparison of different technologies).

Table 1. Efficiency comparison

Description Efficiency (%) CO2(kg/hr/kW)
Oil & Coal
Turbo-Charged Engine 48.7% 0.448
Conventional Engine 33.6% 0.743
Coal Fired 33.9% 0.940
Aero-Derivative Gas Turbine
Simple Cycle 37.2% 0.551
Combined Cycle 49.5% 0.413
MODEC Combined Cycle + 52.1% 0.395
Industrial Gas Turbine
Simple Cycle 34.3% 0.592
Combined Cycle 51.3% 0.396
MODEC Combined Cycle + 53.9% 0.396

It seemed a natural fit as we currently own & operate 42 such generators which can produce roughly 43 MW (each) in combined-cycle mode. After sense-checking the market however, we concluded that we needed to develop larger “Base-Load” generators using Industrial Turbines while using our existing Aero-Derivative design for small-scale power-plants and “Peak-Shaving” applications. To this end, we have worked with major suppliers from Europe, Japan, and the USA to develop the following additional offshore “Base-Load” and “Peak-Shaving” solutions.

Table 2. Power Generation Options (MW per unit)

Generator @ 31˚C @ 31˚C GTCC FSR-Power® GTCC
GT- A 29 39 43
GT- I 70 110 120
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