Water Treatment

The old ocean-going VLCCs were steam-powered; in those ships low-pressure steam was utilized to produce potable water by flashing and condensing sea-water. This technology is not dis-similar to flash distillation utilized in some on-shore desalination plants.

Modern FPSOs use Reverse Osmosis Membrane technology to produce industrial or potable water which is similar to most conventional onshore desalination plants.

Therefore, MODEC has developed a "Water only" (through reverse osmosis) or "Power plus Water" (flash distillation or reverse osmosis) solution utilizing technologies already used in older steam turbine vessels and offshore "LoSal" or "SRU" industries.

The main benefits of the offshore desalination solution are:

  • Increased overall thermal efficiency if Power and Water production are combined on a single vessel.
  • Water sourced offshore and rejected brine discharged offshore (versus near-shore in case of a land based plant) minimizing risk to coastal marine life.
  • *FSRWP, FSR-Power and FSR-Water are registered trademarks of MODEC, Inc.