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Oveng TLP & Okume/Ebano TLP


Oveng TLPOkume Ebano TLP

MODEC was awarded two TLP projects in October 2004 from Amerada Hess Equatorial Guinea, Inc. (AHEGI) for the development of Oveng and Okume/Ebano Fields located in AHEGI's Equatorial Guinea Northern Block G.

The development area is located approximately 55 km southwest of Bata and 250 km south of Malabo. The Oveng TLP is installed in approximately 280 meters (900 feet) of water and the Okume/Ebano TLP is installed in approximately 500 meters (1,650 feet) of water.

Both platforms are designed to support up to eighteen (18) top tensioned production and/or water injection direct vertical access risers and a tender-assist drilling unit. The platforms provide initial processing of up to 25,000 BOPD, 30 MMSCFD, water treatment, and utility systems to support a ten person operations group.

The new Self Stable Integrated Platform (SSIP) design allowed the platforms to be fully integrated (deck mated with the hull) in the shipyard thereby providing installation and hook-up cost savings to the Client.

MODEC completed the design, construction and commissioning of two TLPs at the same time under a very aggressive 16 month schedule. In addition the new enhanced SSIP design provides the industry a design that does not require crane assist or temporary buoyancy modules for a safe and stable installation.

The MOSES Self Stable Integrated Platform (SSIP) Tension Leg Platform (TLP) won the OTC.07 Spotlight on New Technology.

Unit Name : Oveng TLP & Okume/Ebano TLP
    Oveng TLP Okume Ebano TLP
Field Name : Oveng Field Okume/Ebano Fields
Country : Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea
Water Depth : 280 m (900 ft) 500 m (1,650 ft)
    Oveng TLP Okume Ebano TLP
Oil Production : 25,000 bopd 25,000 bopd
Gas Production : 30 mmscfd 30 mmscfd
Water Production : 30,000 bwpd 50,000 bwpd
Client : Amerada Hess Equatorial Guinea, Inc. (AHEGI)
Contract : EPC
Scope of Work : Engineering, Procurement, Construction
First Oil : December 2006
Current Status : Delivered