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The OSX-3 FPSO is utilized within block BM-C-39 of the Campos Basin, offshore Brazil, on the Waikiki Pero Inga fields.

The FPSO is moored in approximately 110 meters water depth, have a storage capacity of 1.3 million barrels, be capable of processing 100,000 BOPD of heavy oil from the Campos Basin reservoir, generate approximately 60 MW of power, and provide for 150,000 BWPD of seawater treatment and injection.

MODEC was responsible for the engineering, procurement, construction, mobilization, installation, and commissioning of the FPSO, including topsides processing equipment, hull and marine systems, and the external turret mooring (designed and constructed by its subsidiary, SOFEC).

The FPSO has reached First Oil in December 2013.

Unit Name : OSX-3 FPSO
Field Location : Waikiki Pero Inga Fields
Country : Brazil
Water Depth : 110 m
Mooring Type : SOFEC External Turret
Storage Capacity : 1,300,000 bbls
Oil Production : 100,000 bopd
Water Injection : 150,000 bwpd
New/Conv : Conversion
Client : OSX 3 Leasing B.V.
Contract : EPCI
Scope of Work : Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Mobilization, Installation, Commissioning
First Oil : December 2013
Status : Delivered

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